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Poly Ball Valves

Code Description
B-V0501/2" Valve
B-V0753/4" Valve
B-V1001" Valve
B-V1251 1/4" Valve
B-V1501 1/2" Valve
B-V2002" Valve
B-V3003" Valve

Banjo is a leading manufacturer of Liquid Handling Products that service Agriculture and Industrial Applications. Banjo is a world-class producer of a wide range of mechanical and electrical valves, fittings, and self-priming centrifugal pumps for agriculture and numerous industrial applications that ship to every corner of the globe. Specializing in injected moulded, glass-reinforced polypropylene products, Banjo prides itself on innovative design, skillful engineering, precise manufacturing, and finding the solution that works best for your liquid handling needs.

Marmit Plastics Inc (MPI) is one of the authorized dealers of Banjo fittings and valves. MPI stocks a wide variety of bulkhead fittings, ball valves and other tank accessories.

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