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Marmit Plastics Inc. (MPI)

A family-owned business for over 25 years

Marmit Plastics Inc was founded in Grande Prairie, AB in 1990. Since then, MPI have been recognized as industry leaders in rotational molding in Alberta.

Fast forward 25 years. Marmit Plastics Inc now has two locations – Grande Prairie and Edmonton. MPI have helped hundreds of clients globally with their rotational molding and site storage needs. The innovative products, processes, and service structure have helped MPI grow and thrive for a quarter of a century.

MPI is still a family-owned business with a strong sense of values. The team takes pride in finding our clients cost-effective solutions to the challenges they face on a daily basis in their own industries.

Honest. Professional. Reliable.

Mission statement

Marmit Plastics Inc is dedicated to leading the industries with innovative solutions and high quality products.

MPI is fully committed to its clients, the communities we work in, and the industries that depend on us. MPI is also dedicated to eco-friendly, sustainable solutions that will protect the environment for future generations.

Global suppliers for plastics and rotational molding

Thanks to the MPI reputation for its excellence and industry-leading technology, MPI have become a globally recognized supplier for plastics and rotational molding products and parts. MPI is proud to benefit businesses and industries both within and outside Canada.

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