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Marmit Plastics Inc

A locally-owned business for more than 30 years

Marmit Plastics Inc (MPI) produces and supplies plastic tanks according to strict quality standards with an industry-leading design that provides superior performance and durability.

Marmit Plastics Inc (MPI) poly tanks are locally manufactured and are FDA and food-grade approved. MPI plastic tanks are built with the highest quality polyethylene resin using the roto-moulding process.

MPI offers a wide range of plastic tanks in different sizes and shapes to meet industrial, agricultural, residential, or any need you might have. Also, these plastic tanks from Marmit Plastics Inc are equipped with the highest quality lid and fittings. Some MPI products include:

Steel and Chemical Tanks
Marmit Plastics Inc Product Catalogue

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MPI offers a wide variety of plastic tanks in many different styles including vertical, horizontal, septic, and many more. While some are best for above-ground use, others
perform well underground.

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