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Free Standing Transport Tanks

  • Internal baffle advantage, reduces liquid surge in transport with built-in baffle system
  • Baffle balls available in two sizes to minimize stopping distance required for vehicles
  • Tanks all built for optional mounting pin installation, securing your tank with confidence
Code US GallonL x W x HLBS
THF0010011046" x 41" x 21"60
THF0030034076" x 46" x 31"132
THF0055055080" x 57" x 40"198
THF0080080094" x 60" x 48"308
THF001000110094" x 60" x 63"396
THF0016001600130" x 71" x 59"572
THF0022002200130" x 71" x 72"715
THF0025002500130" x 87" x 72"1045
THF0030003000130" x 87" x 90"1210
THF0032003200145" x 97" x 79"
THF0045004500179" x 95" x 84"

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