Water and agricultural tanks

/Cone Bottom Tank

Cone Bottom Tank

  • Heavy duty and powder coated steel frame
  • Ribbed side wall for superior strength
  • 15° slope with full drain fitting for total evacuation
  • 16″ hinged and vented lid standard on all tank sizes
  • Built-in four tie down points to safely secure your tank
Code US GallonDia x HLBS
THC01200KFG125090" x 83"600
THC01600KFG170090" x 96"688
THC02000KFG227690" x 113"754
THC02500KFG268090" x 130"842
THC03000KFG312690" x 146"941
THC04000KFG4100110" x 146"1767
THC05000KFG5500110" x 175"1988
THC06000KFG6500110" x 204"2208
THC07011KFG7011144" x 150"3253
THC08000KFG8150144" x 166"3694
THC010000KFG10400144" x 202"4624

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