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Aquifer Low Profile Cistern Tanks are strong, durable, quality construction designed for bulk collection and storage of potable or non-potable water. Tanks can be used in below and above ground applications.

  • Sectional ribbing designed to withstand up to 400 PSF load pressure
  • This plastic burial storage tank is made of high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors
  • Low profile design with multiple fittings to accommodate a variety of plumbing configurations
  • Manufactured from FDA compliant resins to the requirements of NSF/ANSI standard 61
  • Can be buried up to 28” deep
  • Can be backfilled empty
Code US GallonDescriptionL x W x HLBS
ACT1000-LPB1000With Burial Lid111" x 98" x 36"559
ACT1000-LPG1000With Ground Access Assembly111" x 98" x 36"595
ACT1500-LPB1500With Burial Lid111" x 98" x 48"702
ACT1500-LPG1500With Ground Access Assembly111" x 98" x 48"738
ACT2000-LPB2000With Burial Lid158" x 98" x 45"917
ACT2000-LPG2000With Ground Access Assembly158" x 98" x 45"953
ACT2500-LPB2500With Burial Lid158" x 98" x 54"1031
ACT2500-LPG2500With Ground Access Assembly185" x 98" x 54"1067
ACT1605228" Ground Access Assembly34" Dia x 38" H53
ACT1605324" Burial Lid With Gasket35" Dia x 8" H17

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