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Can I bury my tank?

Standard plastics tanks cannot be buried.

Marmit plastics Inc (MPI) sells specialized plastic and fiberglass tanks that are manufactured specifically for either above ground or underground use. Call +1 855 532 0366 for details.

Do I need to worry about algae growth in my tank?

The condition of the water is the most important factor to determine how fast algae will grow in your tank.

The cleaner the water, the less algae growth. However, green or black tanks will certainly deter algae growth.

How heavy are the tanks?

All tanks are built to a minimum standard for holding or hauling water.

Tanks designed for heavier fluids, such as fertilizers are built to a higher standard.

What happens if my tank freezes?

Water expands as it freezes so it might break your tank depending on the level of water and the tank design.

All tanks should be emptied while not in use especially on winter.

Does my tank come with any fittings?

Most MPI tanks come with a lid and a tank outlet.

Typically, you have a choice as to what size fitting you require and the MPI service team install it at the time of purchase.

Please visit for the different fittings MPI offers.

How long will my tank last?

There are different factors that can affect the life expectancy of your tank. However, it all depends on how you use your tank.

Naturally, a tank will last 10 years under standard conditions.

What materials are used to manufacture MPI tank?

All Marmit Plastics Inc tanks are made from high density polyethylene made in Alberta, Canada.

Are the tanks safe for drinking water?

MPI tanks are potable water safe.

What can I store in my tank?

There are many options for fluid storage in MPI tanks.

Email MPI sales staff to find out if your fittings and gaskets are compatible for your needs.

Is there a maximum temperature that a tank can hold?

Usually, 60 degrees Celsius is the maximum MPI recommends.  There may be variations on this number, contact us for details.

Can MPI make tanks with different colors?

Yes, MPI can make tanks in different colors. Colors are an option and more of a personal preference. There may be a wait time for a different color tank.

However, the standard color for most our tanks is natural white.

Does quality change if I buy a different color tank?

Color does not affect the quality of Marmit Plastics Inc products. All our tanks and products are made with high density polyethylene regardless of the color.

Is there a warranty on my tank?

There is no stated warranty on MPI products, but Marmit Plastics Inc stand behind its work if there is ever going to be an issue. MPI service what it sells.

How heavy can my tank hold?

This vary depending on the tanks. It is reliant on the gallon size and whether it used for underground or above ground.

Contact us for further information.

Can MPI repair my broken tank?

Marmit Plastics Inc can repair all polyethylene tanks with specialized plastic welding machines.

If the tank is made from any other type of plastic, the weld will not bond to the damaged tank as it is not a compatible material.

Please visit for more information.

Can you customize a plastic tank?

MPI can build special tanks or shapes in our plastic welding shop.  Marmit Plastics Inc designs and tests the product before it is built.  Then, tanks are completed with water test before the customer receives it.

Is there a difference between a residential use or a commercial use tank?

MPI tanks can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. It can also be customized to suit customer’s needs.

Do your tanks contain any BPAs?

No, MPI tanks are made for and ready to hold potable water.

MPI tanks are made from polyethylene and Bisphenol A (BPA) is not used as a component in the manufacture of polyethylene.

Can you modify a tank?

Marmit Plastics Inc can modify some tanks for you depending on its design, materials and applications.

What is better the fiberglass tank or the plastic tank?

This really depends on the application and whether tanks will be for above ground or below ground use.

Call +1 855 532 0366 and speak to one of our sales staff for more details.

Do you have any retail or wholesale locations?

MPI has two different retail or wholesale locations, click here to find out.

When will my order ship?

You can pick up instore if your order is available at the location near you. However, if you decide to get your order shipped, MPI have same day process to ship your order after your payment is verified.

Can I apply for credit at MPI?

Payment terms with customers can be negotiated. Applying for a credit is as simple as entering your information into a form and faxing it to +1 780 532 0540. Get the form here.

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