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Poly Ball Valves

B-V0501/2" Valve
B-V0753/4" Valve
B-V1001" Valve
B-V1251 1/4" Valve
B-V1501 1/2" Valve
B-V2002" Valve
B-V3003" Valve

Poly Bulkheads

B-TF0501/2" Bulkhead Fitting
B-TF0753/4" Bulkhead Fitting
B-TF1001" Bulkhead Fitting
B-TF1251 1/4" Bulkhead Fitting
B-TF1501 1/2" Bulkhead Fitting
B-TF2002" Bulkhead Fitting
B-TF3003" Bulkhead Fitting
B-TF4004" Bulkhead Fitting

Vented and Non Vented Lids

LID400V4" Vented Lid
LID400C4" Non-Vented Lid
LID400R4" Rim Only
LID800CR8" Non-Vented Lid
LID800VR8" Vented Lid
LID1500CR16" Non-Vented Lid
LID1500VR16" Vented Lid
LID2200VR22" Vented Lid

Top Other Available Fittings


  • Durable — Polypropylene is glass filled for rugged strength and durability.
  • Economical and superior in performance.
  • Complete line of polypropylene fittings available
  • Pictures shows only some of the fittings carried, more available at our locations